Basic Internet

How does wireless internet work?

Fixed Wireless is a good alternative when Fibre, DSL or LTE Broadband is not an option. We are able to provide internet to you through the use of radio waves. Needless to say, our Fixed Wireless will be able to deliver a stable internet solution enabling you to browse the internet, Stream your favourite movie/series even enjoy your online gaming with low latency. Our Teams will be required to install an antenna at your premises that will connect to our towers. The antenna will connect to the router our technical teams will install that will enable all your devices to be connected to the WIFI. Wireless Internet

How does Fibre Work?

Fibre to home/business works with light that is sent through the optical network cables to your premises. Fibre can support speeds between 1 Mbps up to 1 Gigabit, the Fibre is not affected by weather meaning you can enjoy low latency blazing fast internet 24/7. Installing Fibre into your premises entails the technical teams to pull the fibre into your premises and install an Optical Line Terminal (OLT). The “OLT” is responsible for keeping the fibre active within your premises. The teams will also install a wireless router that will be required to enable your WIFI within your residence and all your devices will be required to be connected to the wireless router.

Unlimited Connectivity

Fibre - Wireless - VOIP - CLOUD

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