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Residential Fibre

Elevate your home’s internet experience with WTTX’s premium residential fiber solutions. Enjoy lightning-fast speeds and unparalleled connectivity that ensures seamless browsing, HD streaming, online gaming without interruptions, and hassle-free device connections in every corner of your house. Bid farewell to connectivity issues and welcome a realm of opportunities with our high-quality residential fiber services.

Residential Wireless

WTTX Residential Wireless offers an excellent alternative for areas without fiber connectivity. With significant investments in our wireless network and industry-leading equipment, we deliver a stable, high-speed connection that is both uncapped and unshaped. Enjoy reliable internet access in regions where fiber isn’t available, ensuring you stay connected with ease and efficiency.

Business Broadband Fibre

Our Business Broadband fibre services are designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) requiring high-speed, reliable business connectivity. Offering an excellent alternative to traditional Enterprise connectivity, our solutions ensure your business stays connected and competitive.

Enterprise Connectivity

Our Enterprise connectivity products are designed to create custom connectivity solutions tailored to your business needs. Regardless of your industry, we can develop a personalized solution that ensures your business stays connected and efficient.