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WTTX residential fibre packages

WTTX Residential Fibre Packages are designed to bring high-speed fibre connectivity to rural areas, ensuring your household can fully enjoy all the benefits the internet has to offer. With our advanced Fibre network, you can experience seamless streaming, faster downloads, and reliable online connections. Elevate your internet experience and stay connected with the world, no matter where you are.


Enjoy blazing fast unlimited Fibre to Home with us! Powered by Metrofibre Networx infrastructure. All our packages are Uncapped & Unshaped meaning there is no data limitations or any shaping of your line speeds, enjoy all the internet has to offer you. Confirm your coverage Today!


Openserve, one of the country’s largest fibre networks, is dedicated to providing high-speed fibre connectivity that transforms your internet experience. With a vast and reliable network, Openserve ensures seamless streaming, rapid downloads, and consistent online connections for every household. Embrace the future of connectivity with Openserve and enjoy all the benefits of a truly connected world.

Swift Fibre Residential fibre packages

Swift Fibre is tailored to meet the needs of complex developments, providing high-speed fibre connectivity that ensures every household enjoys unparalleled internet access. Our robust Fibre network is designed to support the demands of modern living, from seamless streaming and rapid downloads to reliable connections for smart home devices. Elevate your community’s internet experience with Swift Fibre, delivering the future of connectivity today.

Service Terms and Conditions

  1. Free-To-Use Router
    •  All Fibre-to-the-Home services include a free-to-use Gigabit WiFi router provided by WTTX Communications (PTY) Ltd. Please be aware that this router remains the property of WTTX Communications.
    • Delivery & Setup Fee of R250.00 will be charged for MetroFibre & Openserve Routers
  2.  Targeted Lead Times for Service Providers
    • Please note the following estimated lead times for each service provider. These lead times are estimates only, and WTTX Communications cannot guarantee that services will be activated within this
      period, as the responsibility lies with the last-mile provider:

      • Openserve: 2-15 Working Days
      • MetroFibre: 2-7 Working Days
      • WTTX Fibre: 2-15 Working Days
      • Swift Fibre: 2-5 Working Days
    • WTTX Communications will do its best to coordinate with the service providers to meet these timelines. However, delays may occur due to factors beyond our control.
  3. Cabling and Installation Terms
    • Openserve & MetroFibre:
      • Includes 30 Meters of cabling with Activation.
      • If additional cabling is required, the last-mile provider’s contractor will inform you and provide a quotation.
      • Fee’s for additional cabling are payable directly to the last-mile provider and not WTTX Communications.
    • WTTX Fibre:
      • Includes 70 Meters of  Arial Optical Cabling.
      • Underground Optical Installation is for the clients account.
      • Additional cabling will be quoted at R40.00 (incl. VAT) per meter.
    • WTTX Fibre is deployed in rural areas, and includes 70 meters op optical cabling any additional cabling will be quoted on at R40.00 Incl. VAT per meter.
  4. Activation Fees
    • Openserve | MetroFibre | SwiftFibre
      • Openserve and MetroFibre Networks activation fees are covered by our 12-Month Contract options.
      • Line Migration fees are charged at R175.00.
    • WTTX Fibre
      • 24-Month Contract has an Activation fee of R3,499.00
      • 36-Month Contract has an Activation fee of R2,499.00
  5. Cancellation
    • 1 Calendar Months notice required. Cancellations to be sent to cancelations@wttx.co.za
    • *Account cannot be cancelled if accounts are not settled.
    • Early termination on services will be calculated. In the event that your account is cancelled due to non payment you will be charged a cancellation fee of R1250.00.