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WTTX Communications has made significant investments in its wireless network, covering large areas of Tshwane to deliver fast, reliable wireless connectivity where traditional services may be lacking. With WTTX Communications’ wireless networks, you can experience exceptional service stability and reliability. Enjoy high-speed internet access with confidence, knowing that our robust infrastructure ensures a seamless online experience wherever you are in Tshwane. Join us and stay connected effortlessly with our reliable wireless solutions.

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Service Terms and Conditions

  1. Wireless & Active Equipment
    • All wireless and active equipment installed under contract remains the property of WTTX Communications (PTY) Ltd, unless explicitly purchased outright by the client.
    • This statement succinctly clarifies the ownership of equipment installed under contract, ensuring transparency for clients regarding ownership rights.
  2.  Targeted Lead Times for Service Providers
    • These lead times are estimates only, and WTTX Communications cannot guarantee that services will be activated within this period:
      • WTTX Wireless: 1-5 Working Days
  3. Cabling and Installation Terms
    • WTTX Communications’ wireless installations come standard with a Microwave Dish & Gigabit WiFi Router. Any additional cabling and WiFi extenders will be at the client’s expense.
  4. Coverage:
    • Our coverage maps are based on geographical information. Unfortunately, they do not account for objects or buildings that might obstruct line-of-sight to our towers. In such cases, our teams may be unable to proceed with the installation as we cannot guarantee stable connections.
  5. Cancellation:
    • 1 Calendar Months notice required. Cancellations to be sent to cancellations@wttx.co.za
    • All cancellations are subject to terms and conditions, and penalties may apply.
    • *Account cannot be canceled if accounts are not settled.
    • Early termination on services will be calculated. In the event that your account is canceled due to non payment you will be charged an cancellation fee of R1250.00.
    • Failure to retrieve our equipment will result in the replacement fee’s of such equipment being invoiced to the client.