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Service Terms and Conditions

Our Business Broadband services offer a high-speed connectivity solution to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. With a variety of service providers to choose from, we ensure your business stays connected.

  1. Contract Terms
    • All services are based on 24-month agreements, with options available for 12 and 36-month contracts.
  2. Estimated Lead Times for Service Providers
    • Below are the estimated lead times for each service provider. Please note that these are estimates only, and WTTX Communications cannot guarantee activation within this period, as the responsibility lies with the last-mile provider:
      • Liquid: 2-8 weeks
      • MetroFibre: 2-8 weeks
      • WTTX Fibre: 2-4 weeks
      • DFA: 2-12 weeks
    • WTTX Communications will coordinate with the service providers to meet these timelines. However, delays may occur due to factors beyond our control. All lead times are subject to confirmation after a survey has been conducted with the last-mile provider. If wayleaves are required, the lead time may be extended.
  1. Activation Fees
    • DFA: 24-Month term R2499.00 Once-Off Activation
    • WTTX: 24-month term R7499.00 Once-Off Activation
    • Liquid: 24-month term R2499.00 Once-Off Activation
    • MFN SMME: 12-month term R2499.00 Once-Off Activation
  2. Service Level Agreement
    • Business Broadband Services are provided on a best-effort basis:
      • DFA Broadband Service, Target SLA 24-Hours
      • Liquid Broadband Service, Target SLA 24-Hours
      • MFN SMME Broadband, Target SLA 24-Hours
    • WTTX Broadband Service offers an 24-Hour SLA on Business Broadband Services
  3. Cancellation Policy
    • A 3-calendar month notice is required for cancellations.
    • Cancellations should be sent to cancellations@wttx.co.za.
    • Accounts must be settled before cancellation.
    • Service cancellation is subject to the contract cancellation policy.