1. A Data Subject has the right to a copy of the Personal Information/Personal Data which is held by WTTX (subject to a few limited exemptions as provided for under Applicable Law).

    2. The Data Subject must make a written request (which can be by email) to the Information Officer designated by WTTX from time to time and whose contact details can be sourced in WTTX ’s PAIA Manual.

    3. WTTX will provide the Data Subject with any such Personal Information/Personal Data to the extent required by Applicable Law and subject to and in accordance with the provisions of WTTX ’s PAIA Manual.

    4. The Data Subject can challenge the accuracy or completeness of his/her/its Personal Information/Personal Data in WTTX ’s records at any time in accordance with the process set out in WTTX ’s PAIA Manual.