1. This Policy regulates the Processing of Personal Information/Personal Data by WTTX and sets forth the requirements with which WTTX undertakes to comply when Processing Personal Information/Personal Data pursuant to undertaking its operations and fulfilling its contractual obligations in respect of Data Subjects and Third Parties in general.

    2. WTTX places a high premium on the privacy of every person or organisation with whom it interacts or engages with and therefore acknowledges the need to ensure that Personal Information/Personal Data is handled with a reasonable standard of care as may be expected from it. WTTX is therefore committed to ensuring that it complies with the requirements of POPIA, and also with the terms of the GDPR to the extent that the GDPR applies.

    3. When a Data Subject or Third Party engages with WTTX , whether it be physically or via any digital, electronic interface such as WTTX’s Website, the Data Subject or Third Party acknowledges that they trust WTTX to Process their Personal Information/Personal Data, including the Personal Information/Personal Data of their dependents, beneficiaries, customers, members, or employees as the case may be, which further entrenches the importance of WTTX ’s compliance with Applicable Laws in regards to the Processing of Personal Information/Personal Data.

    4. All Data Subjects and Third Parties have the right to object to the processing of their Personal Information/Personal Data. The acceptance of the Terms and Conditions to which this Policy relates is required by the Data Subject to enable the proper use of WTTX ’s Website and/or Services.