1. Albeit risk in and benefit of WTTX Products and Services shall pass to the User on date of delivery or deemed delivery (as the case may be) to the User, ownership in all WTTX Products and Services shall remain vested in the Provider until such time as payment has been made therefor in full by the User. The User shall be required to keep any such products and/or equipment forming part of the WTTX Products and Services adequately insured for the duration of the term in which risk and benefit is carried by the User under a policy of insurance commensurate with the risks to which the applicable products and/or equipment or ordinarily exposed. The User shall (at the request of the Provider) provide the Provider with reasonable documentary proof of such insurance and ensure that the Provider is named as a co-insured under such policy of insurance.
    2. Where any Product is leased and/or otherwise availed to the User under the express term that ownership thereof shall remain in WTTX, ownership shall remain vested in WTTX for the duration of the term specified in the Proposal. The User shall take good and proper care of such Product and return same to WTTX upon termination of the term specified in the Proposal in the same condition it was when delivered to User, fair wear and tear accepted.